Student Life

At IIT Patna, hostel is our home away from home. Hostel life is filled with fun and frolic as well as some frisk of study. Most of the student have their first time stay away from their parents when they come to IIT, but rest assured, there is nothing to worry about. Environment here is absolutely safe and secure. The community is very much caring an helpful.

Starting to live in the hostel is like you have unlocked a door to treasure, treasure of opportunities. IIT Patna community offers ample of diversified opportunities to aid student's personality development. You can pursue whatever you want. You like dancing - there is dancing club, you like guitar - there is music club, you like robotics and exciting stuffs - there is robotics club. Photography club (PIXXeL), Literary club, Programming club (NJACK), Entrepreneurship club (E-cell) and whatever your hobby is, you can always find peers with similar hobby in a club. You can dream whatever you want and chase it - sky's the limit. Within a the first year, you may find yourself able to develop android apps or websites without having any formal class from the institute, just with the help of clubs.

No Ragging

Ragging is completely prohibited at IIT Patna. Institute has zero tolerance for ragging. Prospective students has nothing to worry about it. In fact, when you start living at the hostels, you realize that seniors are extremely helpful. They are always nice to juniors. You can learn a great deal from your seniors.

Annual Fests

Fests are important parts of student's IIT Life. These fests are completely organized by students themselves. On the one hand, you get to relax from studies and enjoy, and on the other hand you gain several management and technical experiences that take you a long way in your life.

In Nebula the freshers are given a party by the seniors , it is usually organized on 1st week of august, this is where the freshers first interact with seniors and get to know more about the college life.

Reverberance is organized during Diwali, in which cultural activities and are held like singing and dancing competitions.

Celesta is the annual techno-management fest of IITP held in the month of October, it spans 3 days during which many technical and management events are organized by each club.

Finally comes Anwesha held during the last week of January, this is the annual techno-cultural fest of IITP, this is the biggest fest of IITP. Anwesha spans for three to four days consisting of various cultural and technical events and the grand pro-nites on each night.

Annual fests are the time when everybody is energetic and full of adrenaline, this is the time when students learn about many things besides academics by participating or organizing events.


Hostel is equipped with all the modern facilities. Students have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi all 24 hours. Hostel has a gymnasium for keeping your body fit, two common rooms for gatherings, recreational activities, watching TV and other interesting stuffs. There are table tennis badminton court inside the hostel premises. Basket ball court, Tennis court and Volleyball court are located beside the hostel.

Hostel has smart lighting system, water coolers and geysers on each floor. There are two mess, a magazine room, a doctor room on the ground floor.

Everyday Activities

There are plenty of activities going around in the hostel that makes hostel life fun. There are also inter block activities and competitions in sports and cultural fields. Also a variety of festivals are celebrated like Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami and Lohri. Students also go for sports practice, cycling, exercise and other recreational activities every evening. Classes and Labs start from 8am in the morning till 5pm in the evening, 1-2 pm is the lunch break during which students go to mess and have lunch. Saturday and Sunday are holidays during which students get time to relax, enjoy and self study.

Hostel Council

The Hostel council is constituted of cultural,mess,sports,environment,literary,technical, and maintenance secretaries. Each year of and have their own secretaries for each council. There is also a general secretary of each year heading all secretaries. These secretaries are elected by the hostel students by gymkhana elections every year. These secretaries are responsible for proper functioning of their respective councils.

Last but not least the Birthdays....the celebration starts on midnight with cake, soft drinks and of course the ever famous birthday bumps! Celebrating birthdays in the hostels has become a tradition now and everyone looks forward to it. Hostel life are full of once in a life time memories which student cherish for rest of their lives.

So, to sum it up in short, that's Hostel Life... What we call "Home Sweet Home"!