The rules and guidelines for management of hall residence have been framed for the smooth functioning of the Institute. All the hall residents are requested to cooperate with the wardens for their efficient enforcement. They must also abide by the norms of conduct & discipline applicable for studentship at IIT Patna and follow in letter and spirit any regulation laid down regarding conduct in the hall. For infraction of discipline, Warden is the immediate concerned authority. Some of the rudimentary rules & regulations are as follows:

Failure to comply with the requirements and procedures applicable to residents may lead to disciplinary action (s) which may include withholding of grades, withdrawal of permission to appear in examinations etc.

Hostel Disciplinary Committee:

The hostel disciplinary committee will have the warden/Asst.Warden as the chairman, General Secretary of the hall and one student representative as members. Within 24 hrs of receiving any complaint (verbal, written) this committee will look into the allegations, evaluate them, conduct inquiry and after establishing with reasonable conviction, will award penalties/punishment to the student (s) as per the conduct and discipline rules.