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Prof. Pushpak


Director, IIT Patna

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Dr. Abyayananda Maiti

Asst. Professor abyaym 8130 View Profile

Dr. Arijit Mondal
Asst. Professor arijit 8161 View Profile

Dr. Ashok Singh Sairam

Associate Professor

Head, Computer Center

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Dr. Asif Ekbal
Asst. Professor
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Dr. Jimson Mathew

Associate Professor

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Dr. Joydeep Chandra

Asst. Professor

Associate Head, Computer Center

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Dr. Rajiv Misra
Associate Professor rajivm 8034 View Profile

Dr. Raju Halder
Asst. Professor halder 8009 View Profile
Dr. Samrat Mondal
Asst. Professor
Head, Department of Computer Science & Engineering
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Dr. Somanath Tripathy

Associate Professor

Associate Dean, Academic

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Dr. Sourav Kumar Dandapat
Asst. Professor sourav 8345 View Profile

Dr. Sriparna Saha
Asst. Professor sriparna 8128 View Profile


Dr. Suman Kumar Maji

Asst. Professor smaji 8344
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