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Dr. Ahmad Ali
Asst. Professor ali 8044 View Profile

Dr. Aneek Adhya
Asst. Professor aneek 8046 View Profile

Dr. Kailash Chandra Ray

Asst. Professor

Professor In-Charge, Incubation Centre for Medical Electronics

kcr 8106 View Profile

Dr. Maheshkumar H. Kolekar
Asst. Professor
mahesh 8043 View Profile

Dr. Pramod Kumar Tiwari

Asst. Professor pktiwari 8351 View Profile

Dr. Preetam Kumar

Associate Professor

Professor Incharge, Corporate Relations, International Affairs and Alumni Matters

pkumar 8048 View Profile

Dr. Rajib Kumar Jha
Asst. Professor jharajib 8010 View Profile

Dr. Ranjan Kumar Behera

Asst. Professor
Head, Department of Electrical Engineering

rkb 8050 View Profile

Dr. S. Sivasubramani
Asst. Professor siva 8137

View Profile

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Parida

Asst. Professor


skparida 8040 View Profile

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Pandey

Asst. Professor saurabh 8246 View Profile

Dr. Shovan Bhaumik

Asst. Professor

shovan.bhaumik 8049 View Profile
Dr. Sudhan Majhi
Asst. Professor
(Joint Faculty Maths & EE)
smajhi 8045 View Profile

Dr. Sumanta Gupta
Asst. Professor
Professor In-Charge, Training and Placement
sumanta 8096 View Profile

Dr. Yatendra Kumar Singh
Asst. Professor yatendra 8092 View Profile