Ph.D Students

Ph.D 2015

Name Email Area of Research Supervisor
Swarnima Singh
swarnima.pms15 Nano composite Materials Dr. Anup Kumar Keshri
Sreenath P.R.
sreenath.pms15 Polymer Blends/Alloys based Nano composite Dr. Dinesh Kumar Kotnees
Biswajyoti Mukherjee
Biswajyoti Mukherjee
biswajyoti.pms15 Nanostructured Coatings Dr. Anup Kumar Keshri
Kundan Kumar
Kundan Kumar
kundan.pms15 Structure and Property Co-relationship in Oxides Dr. AnirbanChowdhury
O S Asiq Rahman
O S Asiq Rahman
yaamba.jrf14 Plasma Sprayed Hydrophobic and Wear Resistant Coating Dr. Anup Kumar Keshri

Ph.D 2014

Name Email Area of Research Supervisor
Satyanarayana MS
snarayana.pms13 Polymer Blends/Alloys based Nanocomposites Dr. Dinesh Kumar Kotnees
Sribalaji M
sribalaji.pms13 Ultra High Temperature Ceramics Dr. Anup Kumar Keshri
Kushal Singh
kushal.pms13 Oxide Ceramics, Nanoparticles Dr. AnirbanChowdhury

Ph.D 2012

Name Email Area of Research Supervisor

Shib Shankar Banerjee
shib.polymer Polymer Blends and Thermoplastics Elastomers Professor Anil K. Bhowmick


Nibedita Kasyapi
nibedita.polymer Block Copolymer & Composites Professor Anil K. Bhowmick