Directory-Mechanical Engineering
NameDesignationPhone extensionE-mail ID
Akhilendra Singh Assistant Professor 8018 akhil
Atul Thakur Assistant Professor 8158 athakur
Karali Patra Associate Professor 8011 kpatra
Manabendra Pathak Associate Professor 8047 mpathak
Mayank Tiwari Associate Professor 8116 mayankt
Md. Kaleem Khan Associate Professor 8019 mkkhan
Probir Saha Assistant Professor 8006 psaha
Rishi Raj Assistant Professor 8166 rraj
Somnath Roy Assistant Professor 8139 somnath
Somnath Sarangi Associate Professor 8026 somsara
Subrata Kumar Assistant Professor 8039 subrata
S. S. Panda Assistant Professor 8037 sspanda
Anirban Bhattacharya Assistant Professor
8117 abhatta
Chiranjit Sarkar Assistant Professor 8394 csarkar
Sudheer Siddapureddy DST INSPIRE Faculty 8393 sudheer
Anirban Mahato Assistant Professor 8395 mahato

NameDesignationPhone extensionE-mail ID
Prayag Kumar (FM Lab)
Junior Technical Superintendent 8075 prayag
Sanjiv Maity (Advance Lab) Junior Technical Superintendent 8259 sanjiv
Indrajeet Kumar(Dynamics  Lab) Junior Technical Superintendent 8155 indrajeet
Ram Chandra Prajapati (Robotics Lab) Junior Technical Superintendent 8156 chandra
PP Dubey (CAD Lab) Junior Technical Superintendent 8087 ppdubey1987
Ravikant Kumar Junior Technical Superintendent 8152 ravikantpr

Laboratory & Offices
Laboratory & Offices
Phone extension
HOD Room  8274
Department Office Room  8275
Robotics Lab 8156
Dynamics and Vibration Lab 8259
Thermal & Fluid Transfer Lab 8152
Materical Testing Lab 8155
CAD-CAM Lab - I 8087
CAD-CAM Lab - II 8301
Composite Lab 8302
Advance Manufacturing Lab 8157
Mechanical Workshop 8075
Fluid  Mechanics Lab 8260
Heat and Mass Transfer Lab 8261
Department Library  8262
Mechatronics, Instrumentation & Control Lab 8263
Metrology Lab 8264
Micro Fabrication Lab 8265
Workshop Cabin A  8266
Workshop Cabin B  8267
Workshop – CIM Lab  8268
Reasearch Scholar’s Room  8269
Store Room  8270
Seminar Room /Conference Room (Mechanical) 8271
Meeting / Conference Room 8272
Tribology Lab 8273
Measurement and Process Analysis Lab 8082