Undergraduate Physics Laboratory

The department of Physics has one undergraduate laboratory under the course PH110 usually offered in the even semester. There are experimental set-ups available in the laboratory from the following teaching areas; General Physics, Sound, Light, Electricity & Magnetism. Usually every student performs 10 sets of experiments in one semester.

Materials Research Laboratory

It has the following equipments; Scanning Probe Microscope, Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with EDAX, X-ray Diffractometer, Ellipsometer, Vector Network Analyser, Impedance Analyser, Lock-in Amplifiers, LCR Meter, Source-Measure Units, Pico-Ammeter, Nanovoltmeter, High Precision DMM, Electrometer, Programmable Constant Current Source, Thermal Coating Unit, Closed Cycle He-Refrigerator, High Precision Microbalance, High Energy Planetary Ball Mill, High Temperature Furnaces, and Spin Coating Unit.

Optics Research Laboratory

It has the following equipments; Vibration Isolation Table, Lasers, Spatial Light Modulators, Charge-Coupled Device Cameras, Opto-mechanical components, and Workstation for numerical computation.