Hostel Rules


The rules and guidelines for management of hall residence have been framed for the smooth functioning of the Institute. All the hall residents are requested to cooperate with the wardens for their efficient enforcement. They must also abide by the norms of conduct & discipline applicable for studentship at IIT Patna and follow in letter and spirit any regulation laid down regarding conduct in the hall. For infraction of discipline, Warden is the immediate concerned authority. Some of the rudimentary rules & regulations are as follows:


  • No student shall change or give up the assigned residence in any hall of residence without prior permission of concerned warden.
  • Students given accommodation in a hall of residence must fill in the student accommodation record and take possession of their room and furnishings under their own signature. They must also submit a copy of their recent passport size photograph to the warden's office for this purpose. This record must be updated for any subsequent changes
  • The resident shall be responsible for the furnishings for the entire period of his/her stay at IIT Patna. Willful damage of furnishings due to improper handling and misuse shall be treated as an act of gross indiscipline and suitable action shall be taken.
  • Students shall be required to make their rooms available whenever required for repairs, maintenance, disinfection & inspection.
  • Students will be responsible for the safe keeping of their own property. In the event of oss of the personal property of a student due to theft, fire or any other cause, the Institute shall accept no responsibility and shall not be liable for payment of any compensation.
  • Use of electrical appliances like refrigerators & TV are strictly prohibited.
  • Engaging personal attendants and keeping pets by a student in any Hall of residence is strictly prohibited.
  • Acquaintances/Relatives/Friends etc of the opposite sex will not be permitted to visit individual rooms or stay in a student hostel. However a short duration visit to the common room/office room may be permitted by the warden on request. A record of all such visits shall be maintained.
  • Smoking in the dining hall, common room, library and other public places is strictly prohibited.
  • Possession, distribution and consumption of alcohol, drugs and all other intoxicants in hall of residence are strictly banned.
  • Improper behavior with fellow students, staff, wardens, harassment of Juniors/Seniors, causing of disturbance to others etc will be treated as acts of indiscipline.
  • Indiscriminate fixing of pictures or writing of graffiti on the hall's wall is considered an act of indiscipline and individual(s) responsible for such act will be held responsible for the damage caused.
  • All residents shall strictly keep to the timings set down for meals and maintain decorum and decency regarding dress and behavior in the dining hall.
  • Any resident of Hall going out of hall premises between 10pm and 6am must sign a register, indicating his/her destination and time of out/return. It may be noted that permission to stay away from Hall beyond 10pm and 6am can only be granted when the resident is required to work in library, laboratory, computer room etc. For overnight or longer stay off campus, a resident must indicate his/her destination and expected duration of absence in writing to the warden.

Failure to comply with the requirements and procedures applicable to residents may lead to disciplinary action (s) which may include withholding of grades, withdrawal of permission to appear in examinations etc.

Hall disciplinary committee:

The hall disciplinary committee will have the warden/Asst.Warden as the chairman, General Secretary of the hall and one student representative as members. Within 24 hrs of receiving any complaint (verbal, written) this committee will look into the allegations, evaluate them, conduct inquiry and after establishing with reasonable conviction, will award penalties/punishment to the student (s) as per the conduct and discipline rules.

Inter hall disciplinary Committee:

This committee is headed by Dean as the chairman. The other members of IHDC include wardens of the concerned hall of residence, one hall General Secretary and a group of faculty members appointed by the Dean. The IHDC primarily functions as an Appellate-cum-Liaison Committee. Students who have been awarded punishment by the hall may with the approval of the hall DC appeal for the review of their punishment to IHDC.

Hall Management Centre:

For the smooth functioning of the Hall of residence, the authority and responsibility of running the halls in all aspects- administration, finance, security, messing, maintenance etc has been vested in the hall management committee while the individual halls are managed by hall executive committee.

Hall Management Committee:

The authority and responsibility for the handling and supervision at the inter hall level of maintenance, general amenities and the accounts of the hall of residence is with the HMC. The committee will comprise of Dean - the chairman, Chief Warden, Wardens of various halls, President Gymkhana, Board of maintenance & Board of nutrition & comestibles.

Hall executive Committee:

The HEC will consist of the warden of the hall, General Secretary of that hall, Secretary Board of Nutrition & Comestibles, Secretary board of maintenance, General Secretary Sports & Games, General Secretary Socio Cultural Affairs, General Secretary Technical affairs & General Secretary Board of Literature & Fine arts. The warden will be the chairman and general secretary of the hall will be the convener of HEC.
Establishment and other budget charges:

A token amount is collected per month through the mess bill for various functions, programmes and celebrations organized by the hall of residence. The amount varies depending on the budget proposal of that hall. The warden in consultation of the HEC is the authority for operating this fund.

Hall development fund:

A token amount is collected at the time of semester registration towards hall development and maintenance of hall facilities including repairs, white washing, painting maintenance of kitchen, dining room and acquiring permanent assets for the hall.