Security Unit

Security of IIT Patna is entrusted to the Institute Security Committee (ISC) headed by Dr. Om Prakash as the convenor of the ISC. The ISC strive to provide a secure campus environment to all the residents. Round the clock security of IIT Patna campus has been outsourced to Bombay Intelligence Security (BIS) (INDIA) LTD, having 180 security personnel (1 security inspector, 6 supervisors and 173 security guards including lady security guards). The role of the security agency is to provide 365 days, round the clock security of the whole campus of IIT Patna at Bihta and hired premises outside the campus of IIT Patna at Bihta, and safeguard of all infrastructures within IIT Patna campus, assets of IIT Patna, life, assets and property of residents of IIT Patna against theft, burglaries, dacoities etc, pilferage and misappropriation and any threat external or internal.
IIT Patna security personnel are highly trained professionals. They receive on-campus training that include: day to day functioning of the security unit, procedures to deal with various incidents & accidents ,first aid, fire prevention , fire fighting , and crime prevention. The security unit also carry out training programmes on fire & safety. Security staff members are provided with dedicated motorised vehicles and bi-cycles to carry out patrolling on campus. Security staff members use number of modern technologies such as CCTV and emergency telephones to avoid any lapses in the security measures.

Security Unit

Photo Designation E-mail ID Phone

Dr. Om Prakash
PIC Security pic_security 8193

Mr. Surya Prasad Sharma
Security Assistant   8107


Emergency Contacts Details:


Name Contact Details
Mr. Surya Prasad Sharma 8107/9955137915
Mr R.B. Prasad
Security In-charge
+91 8298748315

Security Supervisors


Name of Supervisors Contact Details
Mr. J.P. Ray +91 9386149529
Mr. Ajit Kumar +91 8651642934
Mr. Amit Kumar +91 8804304004
Mr. Mithlesh Singh +91 9708469174
Mr. Birendra Singh +91 8809113682
Mr. N.K. Sharma +91 7461803529