Patent & IPR

Details of Patent at IIT Patna

Department/Centre Topic Name of Inventor/s
ME A biaxial stretching device for simultaneously stretching of an elastomer sample Dr. Karali Patra
EE Multi person viewable 3d display device and filter glasses based on frequency multiplexing of light Mr. Sai Akhil Reddy
ME Determination of whirl direction of shaft using modified full spectrum analysis of motor current signature Dr. Somnath Sarangi, Mr. Alok Kumar Verma, Mr. Geeta Krishnan
CHEMISTRY A process for the preparation of biopolymers Dr. Debashis Chakraborty
MATH Blind wireless receiver (bwr) testbed implementation for single carrier systems Dr. Sudhan Majhi, Mr. Manish Kumar
ME Surfactant based boiling system for zero gravity Md. Qaisar Raza and Dr. Rishi Raj
EE Automatic booklet scanning machine (absm) Dr. K.C. Ray, Mr. Pratik Parmar
EE An improved squirrel cage induction motor with enhanced efficiency and wide range of operating speed for application in electric vehicle Dr. R K Behera, Mr. Mohammad Junaid Akhtar, Dr. S K Parida
ME Dielectric elastomer annular diaphragm based micro hydroelectric generator. Dr. Karali Patra,
Mr. S. K. Sahu,
Mr. A. R. Jithin,
Mr. V. J. G.Bharadwaj.
ME An improved valveless micropump with dome shaped dielectric elstomer diaphragm, pumping chamber and nozzle diffuser as flow control element. Dr. Karali Patra, Mr. Abhishek Saini
ME Vibro tactile feedback system using fsr Dr. Karali Patra & Mr. Llewellyn Grenold D'sa
ME A Stretching apparatus and a method of stretching Dr. Karali Patra, Mr. Anoop Kumar Sinha
PHY A method for the synthesis of pure phase multiferroic bismuth ferrite, bifeo3 (bfo) ceramics. Dr. Manoranjan Kar & Mr. Pawan Kumar
MME A phase and stoichiometrically pure ceramic powder and a process for the preparation thereof Dr. Anirban Chowdhury
ME An improved system of a passive exoskeleton to reduce manual effort in carrying load Dr. Mayank Tiwari, Mr. Raju Gupta, Mr. VitthalPandey, Mr. Pranay Kumar, Mr. Neetesh Kumar
ME A system and method for controlling the buoyancy of an underwater submersible Dr. Rishi Raj, Dr. Atul D. Thakur,
Mr. Sumit Banerjee, Mr. Udayan
MME A process for obtaining shape and size controlled ceramic nanopowders Dr. Anirban Choudhury, Mr. Kundan
Kumar, Mr. Kushal Singh
CSE System and method for detecting change in occupation status of a slot over a platform Dr. Jimson Mathew,
Mr. Zenin Easa P,
Mr. Dhawal Gupta,
Mr. Alwyn Mathew
CSE System and method for determining company performance Dr. Abyayananda Maiti,

Mr. Supriyo Mandal
CSE System and Method for activity based user authentication Dr. Sourav Kumar Dandapat, Dr. Abyayananda Maiti
ME Dielectric elastomer transducer based exoskeleton type knee motion Harvestor. Dr. Karali Patra,
Mr. Sujit Kumar Sahu
ME A method of joining polymers rod through deformation technique using a Y-shape die apparatus Dr. S. S. Panda &
Mr. Pintu Kumar
CSE A hybrid multi bit random number generator. Mr. Vikash Kumar Rai,
Dr. Jimson Mathew &
Dr. Somanath Tripathy
ME System and method for heat recovery in gasification process Mr. Sunil,
Dr. Rishi Raj,
Dr. Ajay D. Thakur,
Mr. Birendra Kumar Rajan,
Mr. Bathina Chaitanya
Mr. Anurag Aggarwal,
Mr. Akash Aggarwal
Mr. Rahul Sinha,
ME An apparatus and a method for cryogenic machining of polymers materials Mr. A.K. Sinha & Dr. Karali Patra
PHY Method of coating a substrate. Dr. Manoranjan Kar & Mr. Akshay Saxena
ME Biaxial planar tensile testing device for elastomeric materials Dr. Karali Patra, Mr. Sujit Kumar
Sahu, Mr. Adnan Javed, Mr. Dilshad
EE Lowpass to bandpass switchable and tunable filter Mr. Nagendra Kumar & Dr. Yatendra Kumar Singh
ME Stepped microchannel heat sink Mr. Sumit Raj, Mr. Anurag Shukla, Dr. Manabendra Pathak, Dr. Mohd. Kaleem Khan
ME System and method for supressing two phase flow instability, title changed to : an improved heat sink system for supressing two-phase thermal and flow instabilities and a method thereof Mr. Anurag Kumar, Mr. Durga
Prasad Ghsoh, Mr. Deepak Sharma,
Dr. Rishi Raj
EE A blind modulation classification (bmc) method for linearly modulated signal over single carrier system Dr. Sudhan Majhi
Mr. Rahul Gupta
Mr. B Jeevan Prakash

Details of Design at IIT Patna

Department/Centre Topic Name of Inventor/s
ME Manual Wheat harvester. Mr. Rishabh Gupta, Mr. Harnav
Preet Singh, Mr. Avinash Kumar,
Mr. Raju Gupta
ME Hand operated garbage & soil Collector Dr. Mayank Tiwari, Mr Raju Gupta & others
ME Exoskeleton Dr. Mayank Tiwari & some B.Tech.

Details of Technology Transfer at IIT Patna

Department/Centre Topic Name of Inventor/s
ME Vibro Tactile feedback System using FSR Dr. Karali Patra &
Mr. Llewellyn Grenold D'sa