Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

The vision of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department at IIT Patna is to achieve national and international recognition through the educational and research achievements and the professional service of our faculty, staff and students. Our mission is to provide students with an overall educational experience that prepares our students to become successful professional chemical engineers capable of undertaking both life-long learning and further advanced studies.

The department provides graduate and post-graduate opportunities through M. Tech. and Doctorate degrees in addition to undergraduate B. Tech. program. These programs aim to develop highly-qualified graduates who are self-motivated, independent, and open-minded individuals capable of contributing to industry, academia, and research and development programs.

The department has established well equipped laboratories for both teaching and research purposes. The department has a curriculum that is contemporary and has interdisciplinary features. The department has facilities focused on both experiments and simulations applicable to various sectors such as energy, specialty chemicals, materials, and waste management. The progress of research activities in the department is captured by publications in highly reputed international journals and the quantum of external funded projects handled by the department. The department welcomes highly motivated students for their post graduate studies. Also, the department would like to invite the industries for collaborative projects and consultancies. The faculty members are eager to contribute innovative solutions to meet societal needs.

 Total number of publications = 81

External funded projects worth Rs. 2.4 crores

Number of doctoral fellows graduated = 5

 We have an active student community and a department club, ChESSx, that regularly organizes various events on campus. They also participate in various technical, cultural, and sports competitions, both on- and off-campus. Our alumni are pursuing their careers at various organizations, in India and abroad. Several UG and PG students have opted for higher education and research in well known universities across the globe.

News and Events

  1. Dr. Niwesh Ojha (former Ph.D. student of Dr. Sushant Kumar) is a recipient of highly prestigious DST INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship, given by Indian government’s Department of Science and Technology. Their research work was focused on the utilization of CO2 to produce fuels under simulated sunlight. This fellowship offers young achievers an opportunity for independent research in the near term and wish to emerge as a leader in future science & technology.”
  2. Continuing Education Programme (Online) on 'Resource Optimization for Process Industries (ROPI)' 17-19 February 2023, Coordinators Dr. Nitin Dutt Chaturvedi & Dr. B. B. Upadhyay