Communication Directory

Please use the prefix 06115-233 XXX (where XXX is last three digits of Phone extension number for calling from outside campus)
and append the email ID with


Name Designation Phone extension Fax E-mail ID
Prof. T.N. Singh Director   8111 director
Rakesh Kumar Junior Superintendent 8071   pstodirector, director_office, rakesh_kr
Ashish Kumar Junior Assistant 8071   ashishkumar, director_office
Vikas Kumar Ray Junior Assistant     vikashkumar
Ashok Kumar Singh Attendant      
Mantu Kumar Sharma Attendant     mantu

Office of the Registrar

Name Designation Phone extension Fax E-mail ID
Sanjay Kumar Registrar (In-Charge)   8123 registrar
Jeetendra Kumar Superintendent 8084   pstoregistrar, jkumar
N.Damodar Murthy Assistant 8722   damodar, registrar_office

Deans & Associate Deans

Deans and Associate Deans Designation/ Department E-mail ID Phone
Prof. Awalendra K. Thakur Dean, Administration dean_admin 8550
  Administration Office   8644
Prof. Manabendra Pathak Dean, Faculty Affairs dean_faculty 8290, 8628 (Fax)
  Faculty Affairs Office   8041, 8289
Dr. Pramod Kumar Tiwari Associate Dean, Students Affairs adean_student 8549
Dr. Anup Kumar Keshri Associate Dean, R&D adean_rnd 8291
  Research & Development Office   8625
Prof. Awalendra K. Thakur Dean, Academic dean_academic 8112
  Academic Office   8102
Dr. Nutan Kumar Tomar Associate Dean, Resource adean_resource 8659
Dr. Sushant Kumar Associate Dean, UG adeanacademic_ug 8670
Dr. Subrata Hait Associate Dean, PG adeanacademic_pg 8195

Establishment & Administration Section

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Tripurari Sharan Sinha Deputy Registrar
Finance & Accounts
8103 dradmin, drfa,
Shambhu Kumar Assistant Registrar (Establishment) 8771 aradmin, kshambhuk
Shailendra Kumar Chaturvedi Junior Superintendent (Establishment) 8817 shailukc
Sunil Kumar Assistant 8774 sunilkr
Abhay Kumar Verma Junior Assistant 8813 v.abhaykumar
Alka Kumari Junior Assistant 8725 alka350
Purna Chandra Mandal Attendant (Establishment & Administration) 8760 pcmandal

Academic Section

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Vijay Kumar Deputy Registrar (Academic) 8784 vijay.kumar
Santosh Kumar Assistant Registrar (Academic) 8697 aracademic, kumarsantosh
Santosh Kumar Jr. Superintendent 8239 jsacademic
Shailendra Kumar Verma Technical Superintendent 8698 skverma
Santosh Kumar Assistant 8240 santosh61, acadmtech
Vinod Kumar Jr. Assistant 8684 vinodkr, acadphd
Chinta Mani Chandan Sr. Assistant 8303 chandan, acadbtech
Salesh Shah Junior Assistant (Academic) 8773 shah.salesh, acadmsc

Accounts Section

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Pradip Maity Assistant Registrar (F&A) 8062 arfa, pradipmaity
Ram Kumar Mahto Superintendent 8143 rkumar
Pranay Piyush Accountant 8054 ppiyush
Rohit Kumar Jr. Superintendent 8660 rohitkumar
Abhay Kumar Jr. Superintendent 8764 abhaykumar
Annu Kumari Junior Assistant 8313 annu
Shwet Bala Junior Assistant 8812 sbala

Boy's Hostel

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Amit Kumar Assistant 8355 hostel.affairs
Security Gate (Boy's Hostel)   8356  
Mess Manager (Mess-1)   8242  
Mess Manager (Mess-2)   8243  

Central Library

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Mritunjay Anand Assistant Librarian 8052, 8631 (fax) anand_m
Anup Das Sr. Library Information Asst.(SLIA) 8787 anupdas

Computer Center


Faculty In-Charge

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Satendra Kumar Head, Computer Center 8300 cc_head, satendra


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Ajay Kumar Technical Superintendent 8354 aksharma
Arpit Ashok Junior Technical Superintendent 8723 arpit
Rajender Seemar Senior Technical Superintendent 8317 rseemar
Ranjeet Kumar Junior Technician 8352 ranjeet

Help Desk

Help Desk Phone extension
Desktop Support 8058
Network Support 8058

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
CC-1 Lab 8318
CC-2 Lab 8319
Ernet Lab 8357
Meeting Room 8322
Office 8650
Store Room 8358
UPS Room (Network) 8321
UPS Room (Office) 8359
UPS Room (Servers) 8320

Department of Chemical and Biochecmical Engineering



Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Anoop Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor 8762 anoopg
Atanu Kumar Metya Assistant Professor 8831 atanu.metya
Jose V Parambil Assistant Professor 8761 josevparambil
Mahendra Ram Assistant Professor   mahendra.cbe
Nitin D Chaturvedi Assistant Professor 8281 nitind
Prolay Das Professor 8057 prolay
Sandip Khan Assistant Professor 8282 skhan
Sujoy Kumar Samanta Assistant Professor 8173 sksamanta
Sushant Kumar Associate Professor 8670 sushantkumar


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Krishna Jee Junior Technical Superintendent 8279 krishnajee
Subodh Kumar Azad Junior Technical Superintendent 8702 skazad
Kumar Desh Bandhu Junior Assistant 8822 deshbandhu

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
Bio Chemical Lab 8288
Conference Room 8277
CRE and MO Lab 8284
Department Library 8278
Department office 8701
Fuel Lab 8285
HOD Room 8276
Mass and H.T. Lab 8283
Research Scholar Lab 8287
Simulation Lab -2 8286

Department of Chemistry



Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Amit Kumar Associate Professor 8124 amitkt
Debabrata Seth Associate Professor 8028 debabrata
Debajit Sarma Associate Professor 8677 debajit
Jagadish Das Assistant Professor 8992 jdas
Md. L. H. Choudhary Professor 8038 lokman
Neeladri Das Associate Professor 8023 neeladri
Prolay Das Professor 8057 prolay
Ranganathan Subramanian Associate Professor 8094 ranga
Sahid Hussain Associate Professor 8022 sahid
Snehasis Daschakraborty Associate Professor 8675 snehasis
Subrata Chattopadhyay Assistant Professor 8676 sch
T. Rajagopala Rao Associate Professor 8238 rajgopal


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Antara Garai Scientific Officer 8172 antara
Aziz Ahmad Senior Technical Superintendent 8216,8218 azizahmed
Gudipati Srinivasarao Junior Technical Superintendent 8220 gudipati
M. Ravichandra Junior Technical Superintendent 8919499613 ravidp14
Arun Murari Junior Technical Superintendent 8070, 8073 murari
Bhagaban Satapathy Junior Assistant 8808 bhagaban

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
1st Year B. Tech Lab 8070
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Lab 8235
Catalysis Lab 8234
Chemistry Instrument Room 8119
Chemistry Instrument Room - 1 8222
Chemistry Instrument Room - 2 8238
Conference Room 8227
CST Lab 1 8215
CST Lab 2 8216
Department Office 8073
Departmental Library 8237
Gas Phase and Computational Lab 8231
Glyco Chemistry Lab 8228
Green Synthesis Lab 8229
HOD Office 8225
NMR Room -1 8220
NMR Room -2 8221
Organometallics Lab 8232
PG Lab -1 8217
PG Lab -2 8218
Project Lab 8219
Store Room 8223
Supramolecular Synthesis Lab 8233
Theoretical Chemistry Lab 8230
Ultrafast Spectroscopy Lab 8236

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering



Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Amarnath Hegde Assistant Professor 8031 ahegde
Arvind Kumar Jha Assistant Professor 8807 jhaarvind
Avik Samanta Assistant Professor 8191 asamanta
Bachu Anilkumar Assistant Professor 8785 anilkumar
Koushik Roy Assistant Professor 8197 koushik
Om Prakash Assistant Professor 8193 om.prakash
Pradipta Chakrabortty Assistant Professor 8194 pradipt
Ramakrishna Bag Associate Professor 8704 rkbag
Sourav Gur Assistant Professor 8819 sgur
Subrata Hait Assistant Professor 8195 shait
Sudhir Varma Assistant Professor 8705 svarma
Syed K. K. Hussaini Assistant Professor 8196 hussaini
Vaibhav Singhal Assistant Professor 8198 singhal
Vishal Deshpande Assistant Professor 8706 deshpande


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Amit Shankar Sant Junior Technical Superintendent 8159, 8154 amitshankar
Deepak Singh Junior Technical Superintendent 8118 sdeepak
Nurul Hasan Junior Technical Superintendent 8165 nurul
Shailendra Kumar Singh Junior Technical Superintendent 8164 shail
Bharat kumar yadav Junior Assistant 8115 bharat340

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
CAD Laboratory 8154
Civil Workshop 8199
Computational Fluid Laboratory 8159
Conference Room 8170
Departmental Library 8153
Departmental Office 8115
Departmental Seminar Room 8160
Environmental Engg (Research) Laboratory 8123
Environmental Engg. (Teaching) Laboratory 8118
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory 8165
HOD Room 8148
Railway Engineering Laboratory 8125
Soil Dynamics Laboratory 8138
Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory 8167
Transportation Engineering Laboratory 8164
Vibration & Structural Dynamics Lab 8147
Workshop Cabin - A 8168
Workshop Cabin - B 8169

Department of Computer Science and Engineering



Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Abyayananda Maiti Assistant Professor 8130 abyaym
Arijit Mondal Assistant Professor 8161 arijit
Asif Ekbal Associate Professor 8090 asif
Chandranath Adak Assistant Professor 8791 chandranath
Jimson Mathew Professor 8347 jimson
Joydeep Chandra Associate Professor 8129 joydeep
Mayank Agarwal Assistant Professor 8331 mayank265
Rajiv Misra Professor 8034 rajivm
Raju Halder Assistant Professor 8009 halder
Rishav Singh Assistant Professor 8334 rishav.singh
Samrat Mondal Associate Professor 8163 samrat
Satendra Kumar Assistant Professor 8332 satendra
Somanath tripathy Professor 8036 som
Sourav Kumar Dandapat Assistant Professor 8345 sourav
Sriparna Saha Associate Professor 8128 sriparna
Suman Kumar Maji Assistant Professor 8346 smaji


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Abhishekh Dikshit Technical Superintendent 8162 adixit
Anupama Bharti Junior Technician 8333 anupama
Asim Kumar Maiti Junior Technical Superintendent 8344 asim
Praveen Kumar Patel Junior Technical Superintendent 8330 praveenk
Shailendra Kumar Verma Technical Superintendent 8333 skverma
Kumar Shanu Junior Assistant (General Administration) 8337 kshanu


Name Phone extension Room Number
Conference Room 8349 418
Department Library 8335 425
Department Office 8337 427
Elsevier COE for NLP-1 8338 510
Elsevier COE for NLP-2 8339 510
Faculty Room-1 8345 401
HOD Room 8329 420
Meeting Room 8350 419
MTP-1 8331 422
Ph. D. Lab-1 8334 424
Server Room 8336 426
Software Lab-2 8348 417
Hardware Lab CSE 8134  

Department of Electrical Engineering



Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Ahmad Ali Associate Professor 8044 ali
Jawar Singh Professor 8146 jawar
Kailash Chandara Ray Associate Professor 8106 kcr
Maheshkumar H. Kolekar Associate Professor 8043 mahesh
Pramod Kumar Tiwari Assistant Professor 8351 pktiwari
Preetam Kumar Professor 8048 pkumar
Rajib Kumar Jha Associate Professor 8010 jharajib
Ranjan Kumar Behera Associate Professor 8050 rkb
S. Sivasubramani Associate Professor 8137 siva
Sanjoy Kumar Parida Associate Professor 8040 skparida
Saurabh Kumar Pandey Associate Professor 8246 saurabh
Shovan Bhaumik Associate Professor 8049 shovan.bhaumik
Sudhir Kumar Associate Professor 8025 sudhir
Sumanta Gupta Associate Professor 8096 sumanta
Udit Satija Assistant Professor 8815 udit
Yatendra Kumar Singh Associate Professor 8092 yatendra


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Dhiren Kumar Nayak Junior Technical Superintendant 8150 nayak
Iftekhar Ahmad Junior Technical Superintendant 8786 ahmad
Kumar Swapnil Technical Superintendant 8079 swapnil1710
Murali B Junior Technical Superintendant 8766 murali
Nawab Ghosh Mechanic 8649 nawabghosh
Shashi Kant Kumar Junior Technical Superintendant 8085 shashi
Varun Kumar Junior Technical Superintendant 8051 varun_kr

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
Adv. Elect. Machine Lab 8150
Analog & Digital Lab 8042
B Tech Communication Lab 8080
Basic Electronics Lab 8786
Control & Instrumentation Lab 8079
Department Library 8305
Department Office 8060
Digital Signal Processing Lab 8031
Electrical Workshop 8151
Embedded System Lab 8086
ESDM Lab 8353
HOD Office 8304
Meeting/Conference Room 8306
Optical Communication Lab 8175
Optical Network Lab 8176
Ph D. Scholar Room (Electrical) 8109
RF and MEMS Lab 8177
SMDP Lab 8146
VLSI Design Lab 8085
Wireless Communication M Tech Lab 8307
Wireless Communication Research Lab 8178

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences



Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Aditya Raj Assistant Professor 8095 aditya.raj
Meghna Dutta Assistant Professor 8724 meghna
Nalin Bharti Professor 8017 nalinbharti
Papia Raj Associate Professor 8188 praj
Priyanka Tripathi Associate Professor 8182 priyankatripathi
Rajendra N.P. Assistant Professor 8737 rajendra
Richa Chaudhary Associate Professor 8398 richa.chaudhary
Smriti Singh Professor 8020 smriti
Sweta Sinha Associate Professor 8397 sweta


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Shyam Kishor Shukla Junior Assistant 8681 shyam.shukla

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
Conference Room 8680
HOD Office 8324
HR & Linguistic Lab 8679
Language lab 8327
Office Room 8399
Ph. D. Student 8081
Public Health Research and Documentation Lab 8078
Research scholars lab 8328
Research scholars lab 8803
Sociology Research lab 8548

Department of Mathematics



Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Amit Kumar Verma Associate Professor 8396 akverma
Balendu Bhooshan Upadhyay Associate Professor 8721 bhooshan
Kuldip Singh Patel Assistant Professor 8014 kspatel
Kumari Saloni Assistant Professor 8121 ksaloni
N. K. Tomar Associate Professor 8021 nktomar
Om Prakash Associate Professor 8108 om
Prashant Kumar Srivastava Associate Professor 8033 pksri
Pratibhamoy Das Assistant Professor 8055 pratibhamoy
Rahul Kumar Singh Assistant Professor 8824 rahulks
Subhabrata Paul Assistant Professor 8717 subhabrata
S.K. Tiwari Assistant Professor 8074 sktiwari
Y. M. Tripathi Associate Professor 8015 yogesh


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Ahmad Nishat Junior Technical Superintendent 8255 anishat
Praveen Kumar Sinha Assistant 8811 praveen1982

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
Computational Lab 8127
Department Library 8258
Department Office 8255
HOD Room 8256
HPC Lab 8254
M. Sc. Lab 8253
M. Tech. Lab 8252
Research Scholar - 1 8250
Research Scholar - 2 8251
Seminar Room 8257
SPWICOM Lab 8249
Statistical Lab 8248

Department of Mechanical Engineering



Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Ajay Kumar Yadav Associate Professor 9035552339 ajay_me
Akhilendra Singh Associate Professor 8018 akhil
Anirban Bhattacharya Associate Professor 8117 abhatta
Anirban Mahato Assistant Professor 8395 mahato
Atul Thakur Associate Professor 8158 athakur
Chetankumar Patel Assistant Professor   chetan
Chiranjit Sarkar Assistant Professor 8394 csarkar
Deepu P Assistant Professor 8703 deepu
Karali Patra Professor 8012 kpatra
Manabendra Pathak Professor 8047 mpathak
Mayank Tiwari Professor 8116 mayankt
Md. Kaleem Khan Associate Professor 8019 mkkhan
Murshid Imam Assistant Professor 8699 murshid
Probir Saha Associate Professor 8006 psaha
Rishi Raj Associate Professor 8166 rraj
S. S. Panda Associate Professor 8037 sspanda
Somnath Sarangi Associate Professor 8026 somsara
Subrata Kumar Assistant Professor 8039 subrata
Sunil Kumar Singh Assistant Professor   sunils
Surajit Kumar Paul Assistant Professor 8709 surajit


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Budhuram Kisku Junior Technical Superintendent 0612-302-8157 bkisku
Indrajeet Kumar (Dynamics Lab) Technical Superintendent 8155 indrajeet
PP Dubey (CAD Lab) Technical Superintendent 8087 ppdubey1987
Prashant kumar Junior Technical Superintendent 8259 prash
Prayag Kumar (FM Lab) Senior Technical Superintendent 8075 prayag
Ram Chandra Prajapati (Robotics Lab) Technical Superintendent 8156 chandra
Ravikant Kumar Junior Technical Superintendent 8152 ravikantpr
Sonu kumar kashyap Junior Mechanic 8964 ksonu
Vishal Tiwari Junior Mechanic 8790 vishal.tiwari

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
Advance Manufacturing Lab 8157
CAD-CAM Lab - I 8087
CAD-CAM Lab - II 8301
Composite Lab 8302
Department Library 8262
Department Office Room 8275
Dynamics and Vibration Lab 8259
Fluid Mechanics Lab 8260
Heat and Mass Transfer Lab 8261
HOD Room 8274
Materical Testing Lab 8155
Measurement and Process Analysis Lab 8082
Mechanical Workshop 8075
Mechatronics, Instrumentation & Control Lab 8263
Meeting / Conference Room 8272
Metrology Lab 8264
Micro Fabrication Lab 8265
Reasearch Scholar’s Room 8269
Robotics Lab 8156
Seminar Room /Conference Room (Mechanical) 8271
Store Room 8270
Thermal & Fluid Transfer Lab 8152
Tribology Lab 8273
Workshop – CIM Lab 8268
Workshop Cabin A 8266
Workshop Cabin B 8267

Department of Physics



Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
A. K. Mukherjee Assistant Professor 8016 akm
A. K. Thakur Professor 8112 akt
Ajay D. Thakur Associate Professor 8126 ajay.thakur
Alpana Nayak Assistant Professor 8619 anayak
Arghya Choudhury Assistant Professor 8113 arghya
Jobin Jose Assistant Professor 8618 jobin.jose
Manas Kumar Sarangi Assistant Professor 8617 mksarangi
Manoranjan Kar Associate Professor 8013 mano
Naveen K. Nishchal Professor 8027 nkn
Neha Kiritkumar Shah Assistant Professor 8615 nehashah
Prakash Parida Assistant Professor 8122 pparida
Prashant Kumar DST Ramanujan Faculty Fellow 8141 prashantkumar
Raghavan K Easwaran Assistant Professor 8029 raghavanke
Soumya Jyoti Ray Associate Professor 8616 ray
Utpal Roy Associate Professor 8007 uroy
Venkata Ramanaiah Dantham Associate Professor 8140 dantham
Chandra Shekhar Prajapati Assistant Professor 8141 shekhar


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Anurag Gupta Junior Technical Superintendent 8030 anuraggupta
Bidyendu Roy Junior Technical Superintendent 8030 bidyenduroy
Ranjit Laha Scientific Officer 8142 ranjit
Rahul Kumar Junior Assistant 8030 rahulnwd
Sanjeev Kumar Technical Superintendent 8144 sanjeevkumar
Santosh Kumar Senior Technical Superintendent 8069 santosh
Shabana Tabassum Senior Technical Superintendent 8069 stabassum

Laboratory & Office

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
Dry Material Preparation Lab 8192
Electrical Characterization Lab 8098
Furnace Lab 8190
HOD Office 8326
LN1 Lab 8186
Material Science Lab 8113
Optics Research Lab 8110
Spectroscopy Lab 8187
Synthesis (Wet) Lab 8189
Thermal Characterization Lab 8088

Incubation Centre

Name/Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Assistant 8547  
Assistant Manager 8546  
Manager 8545, 8634 (Fax)  

Institute Works Department


Professor In-charge

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Arvind Kumar Jha Assistant Professor 8807 iwd_head


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Ashutosh Kumar Assistant Engineer (Civil) 8011 ashutosh.k6
Biswajit Som Junior Engineer (Electrical) 8674 sombiswajit
Devanand Jha Executive Engineer (Civil) 8005 dnjha
Firoz Alam Assistant Engineer (Electrical) 8100 firoz
Manish Kumar Assistant Engineer (Civil) 8149 mkumar
Samiran Maji Assistant Engineer (Civil) 8008 samiran
Sanjay Kumar Jha Executive Engineer (Civil) 8059 skjha

Offices & Plants

Offices & Plants Phone extension
Assistant IWC -I 8296
Assistant IWC -II 8297
CSS 8386
Estate office / In-charge 8295
Estate office / JE 8294
MRSS 8387
SS-1 8383
SS-2 8384
SS-3 8385
WTP - 1 8298
WTP - 2 8299
WTP - 3 8300

JEE Office

Name/Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Jee office 8174  

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering



Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Ajay Kumar Kalyani Assistant Professor 8814 ajay.kalyani
Anirban Chowdhury Associate Professor 8183 anirc
Anup Kumar Keshri Associate Professor 8184 anup
Bankey Behari Agrawal Visiting Faculty 8966 bbag
Devinder Yadav Assistant Professor 8752 devinder
Dinesh Kumar Kotnees Assistant Professor 8185 dinesh
Tamoghna Chakrabarti Assistant Professor 8745 tamoghna


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Ved Prakash Junior Technical Superintendent 8212 ved.prakash
Aman Verma Junior Mechanic 8213 aman.verma

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
Ceramic lab 8201
Department Office 8212
Departmental Library 8213
Heat treatment lab 8209
HOD Office 8211
HOD Room 8276
Mechanical testing lab 8208
Metallography and Corrosion lab 8207
Nanoindentation lab 8210
Nanomaterials lab 8202
Plasma coating lab 8206
Polymer Processing lab 8205
Polymer synthesis lab 8203
Polymer Testing and Characterization lab 8204
Research scholar room 8214
Thin film lab 8200

Medical Unit

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Ravi Shankar Pharmacist 8802 ravi

Research & Development

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Sanjay Kumar Deputy Registrar (R&D) 8067 dr_rnd, skumar
Tanuja Kumari Assistant Registrar (R&D) 8292 tanujak
Namrata Upadhayay Junior Superintendent 8061 canamrata
Swatantra Kumar Senior Superintendent 8663 rnd_purchase, swatantra
Ankit Gaurav Accountant 8063 gaurav
Gunjan Kumar Accountant 8312 gunjan
Azizullah Palvi Assistant (R&D) 8145 rnd_admin
Bimlesh Kumar Junior Assistant 8066 bimlesh
Sunil Kumar Assistant 8066 sunilkr

SAIF(Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility)

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Md. L. H. Choudhary Professor 8038 lokman


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Vidhi Chaudhary Scientific Officer 8244 vc

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
HRMS Lab 8245
SC_XRD 8105


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Deepak Kumar Chourasia Security Officer 8107 dkc, security_officer
Ravi Shankar Sharma Junior Assistant 8783 ravishankar

24x7 Helpline Number

Name Description Mobile
Main Gate-1 24x7 Helpline Mobile Number 8102917506
Main Gate-2 24x7 Helpline Mobile Number 8102917507
Campus Patrolling Vehicle 24x7 Helpline Mobile Number 8102917508
Security Officer 24x7 Helpline Mobile Number 8102917505

Store & Purchase

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Mr. Maheshwar Tulsi  Assistant Registrar (S&P) 8683 arsnp
Keshav Kumar Junior Assistant 8064 keshav
Pallavi Kumari Junior Assistant 8315 pallavi
Raju Kumar Junior Superintendent 8744 raju
S & P Section   8782  
Central Store   8816   
Attendant (S&P)   8658  

Student Affairs

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Dr. Pramod Kumar Tiwari Associate Dean (Student Affairs) 8549 adean_student
Sanjay Kumar Deputy Registrar (Student Affairs) 8067 dr_sa
Maheshwar Tulsi Assistant Registrar (Students' Affairs) 8646 arsa
Assistant Assistant 8359 sa_office

Training and Placement Cell


Professor In-charge

Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Dr. Ashwani Assam Assistant Professor 8829 pic_tnp


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Kripa Shankar Singh Training & Placement Officer 8091 tpc
Amit Kumar Singh Jr. Assistant 8083 tpc
Rakesh Kumar Attendant   rakeshkumar