The Department of Mathematics was established with the inception of IIT Patna in August 2008. The Department is committed to impart high-quality education in Mathematics at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Faculty members of the department have versatile experience in teaching as well as in research in different areas of Mathematics. The research areas of the department include Algebra, Coding Theory, Differential Equations, Graph Theory, Mathematical Control Theory, Mathematical Modeling, Nonlinear Dynamics, Numerical Analysis and Computations, Optimization, Statistics, Differential Geometry, Computational Finance, Theoretical Computer Science and Matrix Theory.

The department is currently running B.S./B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing, B.Tech.-M.Tech. dual degree program in Mathematics and Computing, M.Sc. in Mathematics, M.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing and Ph.D. in all above-mentioned research areas. The department extends support to all B.Tech. programs of other departments in the institute by offering compulsory courses as well as relevant electives courses that are useful in different engineering applications.