Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at IIT Patna established in August, 2008. The Department of Mathematics is committed to impart high quality education in Mathematics at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

The young and dynamic faculty members of the department have versatile experience both in teaching and research in various areas of Mathematics and Statistics. Currently the faculty members of the department are actively engaged in research areas such as Bayesian Statistics, Data Mining, Fuzzy Optimization, Geometric Topology and Topological Graph Theory, Mathematical Control theory, Multi-objective Programming, Non-linear Optimization, Number Theory, Optimal control, Statistical Decision Theory, Statistical Inference, Stochastic Differential Equation, Support Vector Machines, Fuzzy logic and its application, Rings & Modules, Associated Prime Rings, Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Epidemiology, Applications of Differential Equations in Biology, Stability and Bifurcation, Mathematical Modeling of HIV dynamics :in vivo, Wireless communications and signal processing, estimation and detection, time and frequency domain signal analysis, blind signal parameters estimation, blind signal classification, blind wireless receiver design, estimation includes carrier frequency, symbol rate, symbol timing offset, carrier frequency offset, blind OFDM signal parameter estimation and synchronization, cooperative communications, MIMO, OFDM , cognitive radio and UWB systems, implementation of a universal blind receiver estimation algorithm on National Instrument (NI) hardware, experiment and measurement.

The department is currently running B.S. in (Mathematics and Computing), M.Sc. (Mathematics), M.Tech. (Mathematics and Computing) and Ph.D. programs. Our M. Tech students are collaborating with several industrial and research agencies. The department has developed a computational research lab to encourage research areas which require high computing facilities.

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