Centre for Endangered Language Studies

Centre for Endangered Language Studies (CELS) -a specialized centre for carrying out researches on the endangered languages is being set up under the aegis of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Patna. The centre is being set up through the MPLADS with a vision to help the endangered language communities to revive and maintain their languages and also to instill a sense of pride and loyalty towards their native language. The chief mission of this centre is to work for the minor/ tribal/ endangered languages of the state of Bihar and adjoining areas. In addition, the centre would also collaborate with the institutes and universities of the neighboring states to work for minor/tribal/ endangered languages along the state borders. Since this centre is the first of its kind in the state of Bihar so it will be open to collaborations with local universities and institutes to facilitate easy data collection and documentation. Collaborating with local institutes and universities will also add to the man power. The Centre will prove excellent space for carrying out researches in language documentation, field survey, computational linguistics, language typology and related areas of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Computer Scientists, Engineers and academicians from across the globe shall be pooled in to accomplish the set objectives. For higher research and work output the centre will explore options of collaborating with other universities and institutes running similar centres with common goals and shared objectives across India. Efforts will be taken to attract collaborations with foreign institutes so that CELS is always updated with the latest research tools and techniques.