About IITP Logo

  • The logo has a gear wheel signifying “Technology”.
  • The logo incorporates the “Shrivasta” symbol, thereby establishing a connection with Buddhism that originated from Bihar.
  • The book symbolizes that the Institute is going to be a seat of learning. The Greek symbol “Pi” (π) is used abundantly in science and technology literature.
  • The concept of numeric character “Zero” ( 0 ) was known by Aryabhatta (place-value system) and hence has been aptly incorporated in IIT Patna logo.
  • The saffron and the green bands of this logo represent the colors of the Indian flag.
  • Blue color has been chosen for the text and symbols (book, sun, gear wheel and the atomic orbitals) because it is the color of the Ashoka chakra/wheel in our national flag.
  • The sun within the gear wheel symbolizes the spread of knowledge in all areas (Engineering, Science and Humanities, etc.).
  • The Sanskrit “Sloka” “Vidyaarthee Lavathey Vidyaam” means “One who aspires wisdom, attains it”.
  • The atomic orbitals symbolize education and research in science subjects at par with engineering subjects.