Security Unit

The IIT Patna administration has made the campus (spread over in 500 acres) fully secured by giving priority to the security. Utmost care has been taken for safety and security of the institute assets, the lives of students and employees.
Security of IIT Patna Campus is being managed by Security Officer Mr. Deepak Chourasia with ample experience in the field of security. To strengthened round the clock security of the campus, the Principle Security & Allied Services Pvt. Ltd. has been entrusted to deploy the security personnel i.e. Security Supervisors, Gunmen, Male Security guards and Lady security guards.
The security personnel are providing a safe and secure environment to the entire campus includes academic premises, administrative premises, hostels and residential quarters on 24 x 7 basis. These Security personnel are highly trained professionals. They receive on-campus training which includes: day to day functioning of the security unit, procedures to deal with various incidents & accidents, first aid, fire prevention, firefighting, and crime prevention. At regular intervals, the security unit also carrying out training programs on fire safety measures.
Security personnel are in a continual communication with Security Control Room which is being manned 24 x 7 hours by Security Supervisors. They respond to the emergency and routine phone calls, monitor security cameras and several access control points physically in the campus. The security personnel are carrying out frequent patrolling and surveillance of the whole campus day and night. They are fully equipped with gadgets like Smart phones, high beam torch lights, Patrolling vehicle, Motorcycles and cycles to render their services all the time. CCTV cameras at various locations in the campus ensure electronic monitoring and supervision.
The girls’ hostels are given utmost priority in security list and these areas have been provided with two-tier security. Entries are allowed only after showing the students’ identity card at the gate of hostels. Numerous measures are being taken for road safety includes positioning of road Signs, road markings. Speed breakers are fixed at prominent place to curb the speed of vehicles and avoid road accidents.
Our primary concern is to keep the Students, Faculty, Staff and visitors safe and let them feel secured.

Please use the prefix 06115-233 XXX (where XXX is last three digits of Phone extension number for calling from outside campus)
and append the email ID with
PhotoDesignationE-mail IDPhone

Mr. Deepak Kumar Chourasia

Security Officer security_officer (O)8107, (RES)8416

Emergency Contact Details:

NameContact Details
Security Control Room (Gate-I) 810291506
Security Control Room (Gate-2) 810291507
Security Supervisor/Patrolling team 810291508
Security Unit/Office 810291505

Campus Entry policy document:

IIT Patna Campus Entry (Policies and Procedures) PDF
IIT Patna Campus Entry (Loss of Entry Pass/ Labour Token) PDF