Alumni Details

Sl. No. Name Year Research Area Current Occupation
1 Dr. Priyanka Sinha  2015  India's Trade Policy Assistant Professor, CIMP Patna
2 Dr. Shaivya Singh 2016 Linguistics Assistant Professor, IIMT Group of Colleges
3 Dr. Raj Rajesh 2016 Business Cycles Reserve Bank of India
4 Dr. Partha Bhattacharjee 2016 English Literature Assistant Professor, SRM University
5 Dr. Aimen Reyaz 2016 English Literature Assistant Professor, Jai Prakash University, Bihar
6 Dr. Sadeqa Ghazal 2019 ELT Assistant Professor, Magadh University
7 Dr. Anuja Akhouri 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility  Assistant Professor, IIM Jammu
8 Dr. Nusrat Begum 2021 Sociolinguistics Assistant Professor, Vellore Institute of Technology
9 Dr. Sandeep K. Sharma 2021 Cognitive Linguistics Assistant Professor, DIT University
10 Dr. Ratul Mahela 2021 Linguistic Grammar Assistant Professor, Rajiv Gandhi University
11 Dr. Kumar Gaurav 2021 International Trade Assistant Professor, Magadh University
12 Dr. Ramjit Kumar 2021 Science Education A.N. Sinha Institute of Social Sciences, Patna
13  Dr Anupama Singh  2021 Environmental Science and Technology Working as Scientist-C in FARE Labs Pvt. Ltd. , Gurugram
14 Dr. Sanjib k. Biswas 2021 English Literature Assistant Teacher, West Bengal
15 Dr. Kriti Gupta 2021 Psychology Assistant Professor, O.P. Jindal Global University
16  Dr. Mamta Kumari 2021 International trade  Assistant Professor, Alliance University, Bengaluru
17 Dr. Sujay Kumar Saha 2022 ELT Assistant Professor, DIET, West Bengal
18 Dr. Chhandita Das 2022 English Literature Assistant Professor, GKC Institute of Engineering and Technology
19 Dr. Vinayak Yashraj 2022 English Literature Assistant Professor, NIFT, Patna
20  Dr. Mantasha Firoz 2023 Workplace Loneliness Assistant Professor, Goa Institute of Management
21 Dr. Chandan Kumar 2023 International Economics Available in job market
22 Dr. Samrat Bisai 2023 Education Assistant Professor, RMBCE, West Bengal